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AIT Certified,

ACEP Diplomat Certified, TAT, EFT, PEAT Certified

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Spiritual Technology (PEAT)

     Linda Goranson, Ph.D., LCPC, has been trained by Dr. Asha Clinton, the developer of Advanced Integrative Therapy® (formerly Seemorg Matrix Work®).  A Jungian-oriented therapist with a private practice in Evanston, Illinois, Linda received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on depth psychotherapy, from the Pacifica Graduate Institute.  She also has completed certification in archetypal patterns and field dynamics from the Assisi Institute, where she studied with Jungian analyst, Dr. Michael Conforti.  She is an active member of  the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  She is a certified trainer for Spiritual Technology (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT))

     Dr. Goranson feels privileged to have done Humanitarian Aid Work in Guatemala, helping to clear the trauma of the Mayan people.

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Dr. Linda Goranson

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Energy Psychology

A cutting-edge therapy that releases trauma, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional relationship patterns, and bodily symptoms that are stored in the mind-body.  Imagine a life where you are no longer triggered, where you don’t have to wake up with disturbing thoughts, where your connection to others and to Self isn’t obscured by self-defeating patterns, and where, most importantly, you have a clearer connection to the Divine.  By working with the human energy system, using meridians and chakras combined with ideomotor testing  (muscle testing), this therapy moves beyond cognitive insight to deep and thorough healing.

Linda Goranson, Ph.D., LCPC

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